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Uniform Store

**PLEASE NOTE** The pictures below may differ slightly than our actual inventory, due to availbility of clothing styles for each season.


Cash or Check Only!

Please carefully look over the available uniform styles and fill out the Uniform Order Form (below). You must do a uniform order from a desktop or laptop computer (it will not send properly on mobile). You must have a Blue Lifeguard Suit, RSV Pools Shirt (any of the 5 styles), and a whistle/lanyard combo. We would highly reccomend choosing at least 1, if not more, outer-wear items for cooler tempatures. Remember; swim teams practice early in the morning and have meets late at night. It will also rain during the summer. You are expected to be in uniform in all weather conditions! Check out the "RSV Pools Uniform Code" for more information on what is acceptable! Once you have filled out the seperate uniform order, please save it, and upload it below. An RSV Pools representative will e-mail you when your order is ready.

Available Sizes and Prices

Short Sleeve Tee:          Small - 2XL     $18.00
Sleeveless Tank:            Small - 2XL     $16.00
Lax Penny:                   Small - XL       $28.00
Long Sleeve Tee:           Small - 2XL     $22.00
Sweatshirt:                    Small - 2XL     $36.00
Ladies Running Shorts:     Small - XL      $22.00
Ladies Yoga Pants:         Small - Large   $15.00
Ladies One Piece Suit:     30 - 42           $50.00
Ladies 2 Piece Suit:         XS - XL          $50.00
Men's Trunks:               Small - 2XL      $40.00
Lanyard/Whistle Combo   1 Size            $8.00
Sunglasses                    1 Size            $8.00

RSV Pools Uniform Code

Please read over our uniform policy carefully! Make sure you either have, or purchase, all items necessary for a succesful season!

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