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Swimsafe Program
RSV Pools, Inc. SWIMSAFE®  Program

RSV Pools is introducing the SWIMSAFE Program to identify potentially unsupervised non-swimmers.

The program has the following 4 purposes:
1)  Identify the children who cannot swim independently to assure proper guardian supervision.     
2) Identify the children who cannot swim for easier identification of potentially dangerous situations.
3) Provide motivation for non-swimmers to reach a goal, producing more water safe children at each pool.   
4)  Provide recognition for children who have achieved basic swimming skills.

The program will be conducted in the following process:
1) Lifeguards will have all children take a swim test during designated adult swim periods of the pool operation.    
2) The swim test will vary depending on pool size.
3) The basic swim test will include a swim covering the length of the pool.        
4) Following the swim, each child will tread water for 60 seconds.
5) The children who successfully pass both requirements will be issued a SWIMSAFE bracelet that needs to be worn at all times the child is at the pool during the entire pool season. Children will receive their first SWIMSAFE bracelet free of charge. Replacement swim safe bracelets can be issued for a charge of $3.00 each.
6) The name of each child passing the swim test will be recorded in a notebook.
7) Bracelets are not transferable. Any replacement bracelets issued will require a signed waiver by each child's guardian stating that the bracelet is for that child's use only.
8) A lifeguard can retest a child with a SWIMSAFE bracelet on if there is uncertainty regarding the child's ability to swim.
9)  Children who cannot pass the swim test will only be allowed in the pool with an adult guardian in the pool within arms reach of the child per county requirement.