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About Us

RSV Pools Inc. offers a complete turn-key service able to handle the largest of jobs with an industry leading level of service, quality and reliability. We bring a higher level of service to swimming pool repair, renovation, and management.

Quality Employees
RSV Pools has a more mature staff than our competitors. There is no question that no matter how good our supervision is, we must employ the best lifeguards if we are to maintain our superior level of service. Our goal is to place a majority of seasoned RSV Pools employees on staff at each pool we manage. These veteran guards, along with supervisors, train new guards who are placed at each pool. Our method of maintaining guards season after season is to make sure they enjoy working for RSV Pools and that they are treated fairly and respectfully. At RSV Pools, our employees are family and we treat them as such.

RSV Pools pays very competitively. In addition to great pay, we make our company a fun place to work with a summer season pool party and a swim for charity. These events help build a camaraderie amongst employees that brings our best guards back each season.

Our Promise
RSV Pools is the best swimming pool management company in the metro area, but rather than take our word about this call our clients. There is a reason that our retention rate is so high. We maintain our accounts because we provide quality lifeguards, great supervision, a repair staff second to none, honesty and integrity.