About Us

RSV Pools Inc. offers service, quality and reliability. We are well known for our pool management service. Our lifeguards and managers at community pools throughout Maryland ensure a happy and safe experience. We also specialize in swimming pool repair and renovation.

Quality Employees

RSV Pools has a rigorous hiring and training process so we can ensure that we have the best lifeguards providing a superior level of service. Our goal to have experienced RSV Pools employees on staff at each pool we manage. Veteran lifeguards, along with supervisors, train new lifeguards in a manner that allows us to provide a consistent level of service and expertise.

We are able to retain employees season after season because we treat everyone fairly and respectfully. Our employees learn great skills that they can apply in whatever career they may choose. At RSV Pools, our employees are family!

In addition to great pay, we make our company a fun place to work. A summer season pool party and swim for charity events help build a camaraderie amongst employees that brings our best guards back each season.

The Best in Customer Service

Customer service makes RSV Pools the best swimming pool management service in the metro area. We have served most of our clients for many years, and love to welcome new clients to our list.

Talk to any of our clients – we provide quality lifeguards, great supervision, and a repair staff second to none. We operate with honesty and integrity.

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